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c# – Retrieve and cache a result set into my Application-Exceptionshub


I have a byte[] column in a table that has fingerprint data stored in it. I wish to query the rows from a table only once and store the record set in a variable or somewhere in my code, so that I don’t have to query the database each and every time. The query will return thousands of rows.

This will fetch all the records for me:

var table = (from a in context.tblFingerprints
                              select new {a} ).ToList();

I tried declaring a variable in AppData class: public List TableData;
Then tried to store the variable ‘table’ values to it.

Data.TableData = table;

The error remains:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List<>' to 'System.Collections.Generic.List'

This is how I wish to query the rows returned from the result for matching fingerprint:

foreach (var row in Data.TableData)
    Template tem = new Template();

    if (tem != null)
        // Compare feature set with particular template.
        Verificator.Verify(features, tem, ref res);

        if (res.Verified)

Any ideas please?

How to&Answers:

You are returning these as new objects with select new {a}. If context.tblFingerprints is of type TableData you just need to select a

var table = (from a in context.tblFingerprints
                          select a).ToList();


  • You don’t need the select new { a } (this is creating a new anonymous-type, with a single member for a whole record, which is silly.
    • You also don’t need any Linq expression at all, just use ToList() on the DbSet directly.
  • Store the result in a static variable.
class Something
    private static List _fingerprints;

    public void Do()
        DbContext context = ...

        if( _fingerprints is null )
            _fingerprints = context.tblFingerprints.ToList();

        // do stuff with `_fingerprints`


Remove the “new {a}” and replace with just “a”, and tell ToList that it’s a list of objects.

var table = (from a in context.tblFingerprints
             select a).ToList();

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