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c# – sending back edited datagrid to controller in devextreme-Exceptionshub


I just started using devextreme.

I currently build a web UI using core mvc 6 framework, and I am working using visual studio 2019. How do I send back the edited datagrid to my controller?

For example:


public class student 
{ public string name {get;set;}
  public int age {get;set;}


public class StudentController:Controller
    List StudentData = new List();
    StudentData.Add(new student(){name="John", age=17},
                    new student(){name="Doe", age=18})

    ViewBag.Student = StudentData;


     .Scrolling(s => s.ColumnRenderingMode(GridColumnRenderingMode.Virtual))
     .Paging(p => p.Enabled(false))
     .Editing(editing =>

So, once the user edited the data grid, I would like to send the edited list of object back to the controller.
Can someone guide me on how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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