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string – compareTo() function in Java-Exceptionshub

Questions: I have written the code below import java.util.*; class compare{ public static void main(String []args){ String s1="java"; String s2="javaProgramming"; System.out.println(s1.compareTo(s2)); } } The output for this code is -11. Since there is no character for termination of string in java, which character in “java” is being compared with ‘P’ …

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java – Swagger codegen generate too long string literals-Exceptionshub

Questions: I need to generate classes based on provided swagger file. Unfortunately I have no influence on content of this file. My config in gladle looks like: task generateApi { doLast { def config = new CodegenConfigurator() config.setInputSpec("file:///$projectDir/$swaggerSourceFile") config.setOutputDir("$projectDir/$swaggerTargetFolder") config.setLang('spring') config.setAdditionalProperties([ 'interfaceOnly' : true, 'apiPackage' : 'somepackage', 'modelPackage' : 'somepackage.domain', …

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postgresql – Storing a java.sql.Blob with Hibernate in Postgres DB produces multiple entries in pg_largeobject_metadata-Exceptionshub

Questions: I have an application using hibernate 5.4.10 and Postgres 11 database.When I store the Entity “FileObject” which contains a BLOB, Postgres adds an entry to table pg_largeobject_metadata. This is expected and correct.But when I store the same object a second time to update the fileName, another entry in pg_largeobject_metadata …

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