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php – image uploading works properly with all devices except iphone

Questions: php (codeigniter): image uploading working properly in all devices but on working on iphone devices Only iphone-captuered images are getting uploaded, but not working for non-captured/other images My Code Snippet:(too lengthy code, I am just some part of that code) above php (codeigniter) script working properly for all devices …

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php – Lareval set id to the other table at the DB transaction

Questions: Here is my DB Transaction public function store(Request $request) { DB::beginTransaction(); try { $superdoc = SuperDoc::create([ 'user_id' => $request->user_id, 'project_name' => $request->project_name, 'status' => $request->status, 'start_date' => $request->start_date, 'end_date' => $request->end_date, 'lines' => $request->lines, 'words' => $request->words, ]); $lastInsertedId=DB::select('SELECT MAX(ID) FROM super_docs'); } catch (ValidationException $e) { DB::rollBack(); return …

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string – How to replace Microsoft-encoded quotes in PHP

I need to replace Microsoft Word’s version of single and double quotations marks (“ ” ‘ ’) with regular quotes (‘ and “) due to an encoding issue in my application. I do not need them to be HTML entities and I cannot change my database schema. I have two …

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How to pass array value to the function of javascript? PHP Laravel

Questions: I have an array in the javascript named as country_id[] and selected_country[]. When the user select the country in country array, it will save inside the country_id[] array and when the user select the country inside the selected country, it will save inside the selected_country[] . Then, I want …

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