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php – Compare all value of two array in one foreach

Questions: I’ve 2 array in php $array1=array('user_id'=>'1','user_id'=>'2','user_id'=>'3'); $array2=array('invite_user_id'=>'1','invite_user_id'=>'3'); This is a result of select query wrote in codeigniter. so that is associative array. This is 2 query result one is for user list and second is for invited user list. I want check in user list which user is invited. …

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php – Pushing user button to generate a file does not work

Questions: Below code should generate a file. Question: Why is’nt the file being created? index2.php Document run.php # ----------------------- # Button event listeners. # ----------------------- if (isset($_POST["button_1"])) { ConstructDocument(); } // DOMDocument function ConstructDocument() { // Root $xml = new DomDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8'); $xml->formatOutput = true; // Elememet $xbrli = $xml->createElement('xbrli:xbrl'); …

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php – MySQLi count(*) always returns 1

Questions: I’m trying to count the number of rows in a table and thought that this was the correct way to do that: $result = $db->query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `table`;"); $count = $result->num_rows; But counts always returns (int)1. If I use the same query in phpMyAdmin I get the right result. …

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php – You have an error in your SQL syntax – How to solve this

Questions: This question already has answers here: Closed 11 days ago. This is the code of insert php this is the error Error: INSERT INTO usersinfo (follows, id, username, pass, token, pic) VALUES (123, 77, john, 12345678, abcdefg, have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that …

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php – intl extension installed but cant see in phpinfo()

Questions: I am using centos 7 with lamp +webmin control panel php 7.2,I need intl intl extension,I followed few tutorials from google and intl extension is installed(I am sure because if I try to install again it says already installed latest updated )see bellow snnipest[[email protected] ~]# sudo yum --enablerepo=remi install …

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