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php – Phalcon CLI email not sending

Questions: I am using vokuro Mail plugin in my CLI module (for cron job). The code sends emails whenever an order is created successfully in the database. Here is the afterCreate() code for sending emails. $this->getDI() ->getMail() ->send($recipients, "Order Notification", 'orderstatus1', array( 'cname' => $this->customers->name, 'cemail' => $this->customers->email, 'mobile' => …

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PHP CURL: Discord api oAuth join guild not working

Questions: I’m working on a Discord API class (Something like discord.php, which I want to put open source after finishing it all). Here is a part of the class: This is how I tested it: $discord = new RoDiscord ( "CLIENT_ID", "SECRET_ID" ); if (!isset($_GET['code'])) { $discord -> login ( …

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php – $_POST is not what I expect it to be

Questions: Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. I want to write a very simple web page. There is only one button which triggers a POST method which is called on a PHP file. But the $_POST variable in the PHP file remains empty when the …

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php – post in facebook wall publicaly using graph

Questions: . i want to post inside my fb wall as public postbefore i post my question here i check all provided and similar questions that Stackoverflow provide they are all old & fb is update their api graph every year or even every monthsplease help:i’m using some code … …

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php – Unable to move mails to sent folder of IMAP using Laravel

Questions: I am sending emails from my laravel website using SMTP. When i send email to the user then i want to copy that mail to IMAP sent folder too.Here is my code when i am sending mail to user: $mail = Mail::to($this->receiver) ->send(new ComplaintMail($this->sender->user_email,$this->subject,$this->complaint,$this->answers,$this->sender)); $path = "{}Sent"; $imapStream = …

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