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java – Python can’t start JVM with Jpype-Exceptionshub

Questions: Although I challenge to connect to database with JDBC , facing a serious problem. import jpype import jaydebeapi JHOME = jpype.getDefaultJVMPath() jpype.startJVM(JHOME, '-Djava.class.path=D:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXojdbc8.jar') At “jpype.startJVM” on my code gets an error, showing “Python has stopped working” on a messagebox.And the app suddenly stop. How can I fix this problem?I …

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function – Python Grading Program-Exceptionshub

Questions: So I need to make a program that grades 10 students individually, then displays the average grade for all 10 students. I think this is how the grading should look, but im not sure how to set up a count on the number of times its graded, or how …

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python – Why does the loss go up?-Exceptionshub

Questions: Executing the code below sometimes leads to the loss going up during training, and then staying there. Why is that? import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow.keras import layers, losses, models FEATURE_COUNT = 2 TRAINING_SET_SIZE = 128 def patch_nans(t: tf.Tensor) -> tf.Tensor: """:return t with nans replaced by zeros""" nan_mask …

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