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How to Activate Microsoft Project Without Product Key

How to Activate Microsoft Project without Product Key

MS project is one of the world’s widely used project management software that was created and sold by the Microsoft Company. This software was designed to specifically assist the project managers to develop plans, assign resources to various tasks, track the progress of the tasks, and manage budgets and to analyze the workloads.

The MS project makes critical path schedules, although there is still a third-party critical chain add-on available from Spherical Angle and ProChain. Schedules are usually resource levelled. This chain is normally drawn in a Gantt chart.

The resources (equipment, materials, and people) can be shared using a certain formula between various projects using a single resource pool. Each of these resources is supposed to have its calendar since the calendar will help in defining the days and the shifts the resource will be available.

Every resource, be it, people, equipment or materials can be assigned a specific different task for different plans and each work can be assigned several resources. MS Project normally schedules its work depending on the availability of resources as stated in the resource calendar. All the resources can be put into a resource pool from where they can be shared using a given formula.

MS Project makes a budget depending on work assigned and the rate of resources. Once the resources are assigned to an individual and the work assigned has been estimated, MS Project will calculate the cost (the cost will be equal to the work done times the rate).

The MS project has been extended to work with MS Project Web Access and MS Project Server. Project data is destined to keep the project data in a central database.

Project Web Access is responsible for displaying and updating user data over the internet. The Web Access helps authorized users only to get access to a project server database on the internet. The Web Access features include timesheets, administrative tools and graphical analysis of the resource workloads.

Microsoft only recognizes a few different classes of users. The various classes of users can still have different levels of access to the views, projects and other data. The custom objects which include views, calendars, fields, and filters are all stored in a global database, and this database is shared among all users.

How to Activate Microsoft Project Without Product Key

Key Features of Microsoft Project

  1. The In-Built Templates

The in-built, customizable templates will enable you to start on the correct path. You won’t have to start creating project plans from scratch.

  1. Project planning

Popular scheduling features such as pre-populated pull-downs menus and Gantt charts help to reduce the time and also to simplify the whole project planning process.

  1. Sharing Reports Out of the Box

This program software will enable you to share the reports across all the members of the organization such easily, and this will help to keep everyone updated or on the same page. All the reports which also include those from financial departments to burn-down charts will be shared.

  1. Multiple Timelines

With this software, you will be able to customize the company’s timelines to represent particular data. This will make it easier to share the data among all the stakeholders. All the stakeholders will be able to view all the project activities quickly.

The MS project can be used both in the cloud and on-premise. The web-based edition helps the project managers to collaborate with staff remotely using mobile devices such as Smartphone.

How Can You Activate Microsoft Project Without Project Key?

Most of the MS software products come with a 30-day trial exemption time to allow the user to test them for free. This enables the user to test the product and see its usefulness and worthiness if they are happy with the product they can choose to pay for the license.

However, many people with low income will find it hard to spend hundreds of dollars to buy this license; this is particularly for people who come from some of the poorest regions.

As we saw earlier own, the MS Project is a project management software program which was made and is sold by Microsoft itself. The MS Project was the third product of Microsoft Windows-developed app to be introduced into the market, and within two years, after it had been introduced into the market, the MS Project became the most popular PC-based project management software.

Though the MS Project is still part of the MS Office family, it has never been extended or included in any of the MSOffice suites.  Currently, MS Project is available in two versions, professional and Standard. The .mpp is the MS Project’s Proprietary file format.

In this section, we look at some of the ways you can use to activate your MS project without necessarily having to use the product or serial key.

Step 1: You copy the code of the Microsoft product (it can project 2019, project 2016, Visio 2019, Visio 2016) into a new text document

Once you are done, you create another new text document

Step 2: After you have created a new text file, it’s now time to save. Save the batch file (named as”Office2019.cmd”) for MS Project 2019 and (“Office2016 .cmd”) for MS Project 2016.

Step 3: You can now run the batch file as the administrator.

You are done. Your MS Project has fully been activated without using a product key.

When you use this method, you will be able to activate

  • Microsoft Visio 2019
  • Microsoft Project 2019
  • Microsoft Visio 2016
  • Microsoft Project 2019

Benefits of Activating Microsoft Project

  • It will easily manage the projects in your company
  • You will be able to bring all your resources and fiancés under one control-this will lead to proper financial accounting
  • It also provides the best way of breaking down your projects, allocates resources, builds schedules and manages budgets
  • It will help in bringing together all the critical issues experienced during the execution of the project to your attention, and therefore you will see to it that you deal with such issues in the best possible way.
  • It will also help you to track the progress of your projects in terms of time, costs and completion.

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