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php – Library management system – How to store both tamil and english books details in the same table in phpmyadmin?


I want to store a Tamil and English books details in the library management system database table, Is this possible to do, can you provide me some idea to store both the languages.

while I am trying to store the Tamil language in the DB table, the English fonts have changed completely. I don’t know how to store both fonts.

I have downloaded Tamil font Bamini, and I keep the Bamini.ttf into the fonts folder, then I call the src using CSS code.

This is my CSS code:

      font-family : Bamini;
src: url(fonts/Bamini.ttf);

   font-family: Bamini;

This is working fine but if I am trying to add an English font(English does not work). It shows like… ????????

How to&Answers:

You need to only use the custom font for the relevant rows.

Something like this:

and then:

td.lang-tamil { font-family: Bamini; }

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