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php – image uploading works properly with all devices except iphone

Questions: php (codeigniter): image uploading working properly in all devices but on working on iphone devices Only iphone-captuered images are getting uploaded, but not working for non-captured/other images My Code Snippet:(too lengthy code, I am just some part of that code) above php (codeigniter) script working properly for all devices …

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php – i want to insert data into database directly from a table (view) but when i click add btn only the first or the last row get insterted

Questions: here in this code i have passed the hardcoded value of month if i remove january it accepts december i.e last row how to solve this issue controller public function storeLeave(Request $request){ $admin= new Admin(); $admin->employee_name=$request->input('employee_name'); $admin->month=$request->input('month_JANUARY'); $admin->earned_leave=$request->input('earned_leave_JANUARY'); $admin->casual_leave=$request->input('casual_leave_JANUARY'); $admin->sick_leave=$request->input('sick_leave_JANUARY'); $admin->save(); } blade file (table) MONTHS EARNED LEAVE CASUAL …

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How can i redirect unstructured link like ( using .htaccess?

Questions: There is a issue of unstructured link like ( How can I redirect its to main root? My .htaccess not working, I’m using below code in .htaccess:- RewriteEngine On ErrorDocument 404 / How to&Answers: There is a issue of unstructured link like ( How can I redirect its to …

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php – Enable ZTS on apache CentOS7

Questions: I’m on Centos 7 / apache. I compiled php with ZTS and compiled pthreads. With zts-php -i | grep -i thread I get: /etc/php-zts.d/pthreads.ini Thread Safety => enabled pthreads Everything is okay on this side. The problem is that phpinfo tells me that Thread Safety is not activated. And when …

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php – JSON: Update base64 string using url JSON

Questions: I’m new to JSON Code. I want to learn about the update function. Currently, I successfully can update data to the database. Below is the code. the problem is, if the value of $photo_after is base64 string, which is too large string, it will give the error: 1) PHP …

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php – Moving

Questions: I am hacking away at AdminLTE, and I wish to move the main interface parts into separate documents.I have no idea what I should include where. I am using php include to load the external documents. The way I wish this to work is the topnav selects the sidenav, …

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