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version – Show an App Update Dialog with various options and allow to set the prompt duration in Android-Exceptionshub


I want to show a dialog to notify the user that the new version of an App is available on the play store.

My requirements are as below.

1) If the major version & minor version number of the VersoinName has changed, then the dialog should be shown with the force update option and it shows every time on the open of the App.

2) If the patch version number has changed, then the dialog should be shown with two buttons (Next Time & Update). And this dialog will be prompt on Each Day(means it should prompt once in a day) (Not every time).

3) If the revision number has changed, the dialog should be shown with three buttons(Update, Next Time & Skip). And this dialog will be prompt on Each Week(means it should prompt once in a week) (Not every time).

Note:- I have tried Android App Update Dialog by Siren this library, but it does not fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements.

Please suggest workarounds.

Thank you.

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