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Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage Error

Windows Modules Installer Worker (TiWorker.exe) is a common problem in Windows PCs, especially those running Windows 10.   This error usually comes up when the WMI tool becomes unresponsive and uses most of your CPU resources. Fortunately, you can fix this error. In this post, we’ve covered simple methods that …

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How to Fix the Err_Name_Not_Resolved Error 

You may encounter the err_name_not_resolved error while trying to access a website on your Google Chrome web browser.     This error will often prevent you from access the website, but allow you to reload the page. Read this post to learn about the causes and simple fixes for this …

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How to Fix Vcruntime140.Dll Is Missing Error

You may encounter the Vcruntime140.dll missing error while trying to open a program on your Windows computer.     This error indicates the incompatibility of some programs with the new Windows update. Corrupt system files and virus infections could also cause it. In this post, you are going to learn …

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